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What’s New?

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Peninsula Housing Authority is expanding their Mutual Self Help Program to include purchasing and helping families rehab existing homes.   With the Mutual Self Help Rehab homes, the work is based on the individual home’s repair needs and the family’s ability to contribute hours. Volunteers are invited to fill in the gaps where the family cannot fill by themselves.

Our first reconditioned home was completed in Port Angeles. The Construction Supervisor, advised Brenda Kitchen, the first self-help participant in the program, with the fine art of making a USDA Rural Development repossession into a “like new” home. Repairs include plumbing, electrical, new flooring, a new ductless heat pump, painting inside and out, deck repairs, and repairing the existing fence.

The Lion’s Club came to help on January 3rd and 4th, 2015 with the outside of the home. Thirteen members signed up to paint the outside of the home and repair the fence. Tom Deane of the Lions said that they would make short work of these big projects.

Brenda is a grandmother with full time custody of her 2 year old grandson. She glad to have a home where he can play outside in the fenced yard while she watches from the porch.

Brenda worked with Lisa Worthey and Carolyn Stimbert of the Peninsula Housing Authority to prepare for this moment. Her sisters and a cousin helped put in her weekly hours. Homeownership has been a long time dream, and this project, with fewer hours for the homeowner and her family, helped make it possible. The additional help from the Lions Club filled in what the family couldn’t do.

Peninsula Housing Authority’s Mutual Self Help Housing Program has built 71 new homes in the Port Angeles area. Eight more were completed on Pendley Court in West Port Angeles. Ms. Kitchen’s home was be the first Mutual Self Help “Rehab” here on the Olympic Peninsula. Participants for all Mutual Self Help projects are selected from the Mutual Self Help waitlists for Clallam and Jefferson County. We are currently accepting applications in both Clallam and Jefferson Counties. Contact Carolyn Stimbert at 360-452-7631 extension *822 in Port Angeles.  Applications can be obtained on line at under General Information, Mutual Self Help Home Building.

In the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program, instead of a down payment, families invest their time building their home and their neighbor’s homes until all of the homes in their group are completed. This investment in their homes provides a strong foundation for a more vibrant community. The Mutual Self Help Rehab gives a lift to neighborhoods which have seen foreclosures in need of tender loving care.

No previous construction experience is needed. Peninsula Housing Authority hires a construction supervisor who teaches how to use tools, basic construction techniques, and helps complete the work. The supervisor also coordinates the work of sub-contractors and orders materials as they are needed.

Peninsula Housing Authority provides pre-purchase counseling, loan screening, and credit repair assistance and packages the families’ loan application to USDA Rural Development for the financing to the purchase the land and materials needed to build or repair the homes.

Many applicants find their mortgage payments are lower than their rent payments have been.



Mutual Self-Help Home Building Mutual Self-Help Home Building Mutual Self-Help Home Building

What it is:

An opportunity for low and very low income families to own a home (a new  home at that!) through their own work on all of the homes in a building  group cooperative.  You put in 32 hours a week, (and so does everyone  else) working on all of the homes.  In the end, you all have a home, and  a neighborhood where you know everyone before you even move in.

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Application Process:

Complete the intake application and contact Carolyn Stimbert for an appointment, or call 360-452-7631 extension *822.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are encouraged to help with construction.  Please contact Carolyn for volunteer information.

Who to Contact: Carolyn Stimbert




Peninsula Housing Authority takes situations involving fraud very seriously.  Applicants or tenants who knowingly misrepresent or do not provide accurate income related to eligibility, including income, preference information for admission, expenses, family composition or rent may be at risk of losing assistance.

The Peninsula Housing Authority does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or familial status in admission of access to its programs. If you need to request a reasonable accommodation, contact the PHA at (360) 452-7631.

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